Brian Cobbs - Maryland University

I wanted to become a better all-around receiver from route running, body control, catching, footwork. I noticed that I began to play a lot faster, and I played without using a lot of wasted movement. I was coming out of cuts more explosively, and I created a lot more separation within my routes. My speed drastically went up, and I was able to go from a possession receiver to a receiver that could do some damage after the catch. I got more in tune with my body and learned to make safe/ efficient cuts that would allow me to beat the DB on every rep. I also obtained a more focused mindset and was able to focus on the little things in a more detailed approach. If you are looking to train with Coach Byrd, I would say that you are going to learn how to become a much better receiver and athlete overall. Coach Byrd’s knowledge of the game and understanding of the way the body works is second to none, and he will set you up for success at the next level and in life.


Michael Dereus - Baltimore Ravens - Georgetown University

Before I started training with Coach Byrd, my goal was to become more efficient at getting in and out of my breaks and becoming a complete receiver. After working with Coach Byrd, I broadened my understanding of leverage, making safe and efficient cuts on my 45- and 90-degree breaking routes.  During the season, I was conscious of everything  I was taught in the offseason and saw a difference of separation against defenders in my senior year. If you want to take your game to another level and understand how to be a complete receiver, go to Coach Byrd

DeAndre Thompkins - XFL - DC Defenders

DeAndre Thompkins - XFL - DC Defenders - Penn State University

Before starting with Coach Byrd, I wanted to improve on being more efficient in my movements as a WR while maintaining my speed and improve catching the football. The most significant change for me was the attention to detail. I started to be more aware of my body positioning. I also started to understand more about my body and what I was good and bad at naturally. I was always fast, but I found myself wasting a lot more energy than everyone else. After I started to rework my form, I increased my playing speed and played consistently at a higher level. Also, my ability to be more confident in my cuts and transitions increased, but I knew what was right for my body and not just right at the moment. I could feel the proper positions. The biggest thing I would say is that you will learn more about your body than anything else. It’s not the trainer you go to that has many cone drills and things everywhere, and you are always just running. Every drill you do has a purpose, and you will know how it relates to the game. You will never do something and not connect it to something you do every play on the game field—also, Quality over Quantity. You won’t do a bunch of reps, but the reps you do have to be perfect. You won’t move on to the next step unless you have a good grasp of the concept and show you’ve mastered it. So be prepared to learn things about your body type that you haven’t yet before.


Rayjuon Pringle - Villanova University

Before I started working with Coach Byrd, I wanted to work on everything; such as game alignment, reading coverages, releases, route running, catching, speed, and strength. Once I started training with Coach Byrd, my whole game changed to an entirely new level, not only on the field but off too. He opened doors for me and gave me knowledge. I understand the game better from a receiver's position and all other positions on the field. He changed my mind to think that simple isn't bad; it's the key to success and consistency. Man, don't think about it; go to coach Byrd! To see how much you learn off one workout with him and see what you need to get better. Also, learn how to get your strengths better, too, because there's always room for improvement. He's a great mentor on and off the field and can change your life like he did mine!


Brandan Lisenby - Saint Francis University

I wanted to improve on my breaks, route running, footwork, and releases.
I started running with better form, getting quicker in and out of my cuts. I improved using my hands on my releases. I also learned how to move correctly for injury prevention. I came to Coach Byrd with nagging Achilles tendonitis that was affecting my performance. Since working with him on how to efficiently move my body, I can move more fluently with little to no pain. Coach Byrd can train you on a wide variety of things, from catching correctly, catching with distraction, and at different catch points. He can teach you how to run routes efficiently and get in and out of breaks quickly. He can teach you what releases work when and how to do them, and he gives you injury prevention methods that you can take outsides of his training. If you are thinking about working with him, whatever it has to do with being a receiver, do it


Monty Sharfi - UVA Wise

I wanted to improve upon my route running Efficiency, like getting in and out of my breaks quicker and eliminating extra steps. My route running got better, and I run routes with a purpose. I understand how to run routes now. My overall football knowledge increased. I Increased Foot speed, foot quickness, hands, reaction time, body control, and learned how to prevent injury. He teaches you to be a well-rounded receiver with no weakness in your game. What I love the most is we work the fundamentals a lot, and that’s what it boils down to. It is about who can get from point A to point B quicker and more efficiently because timing matters.



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