Drops, we do not like them, but unfortunately, they are a part of the game. We understand that we may eventually drop a pass, but we train with the mindset that we will catch every pass thrown our way. In my observation, I have noticed that most of the drops happen during "the transition" phase.

What is "The Transition"? This is when the football is caught, and is moving from catch point to the tuck.

Most receivers are in such a hurry to gain additional yardage after the

catch that they forget to secure the ball before running. This mishap causes a lot of unwanted drops, especially when there is a defender is nearby. ------>

The Fix: First, we must pray, secondly we must believe in what we prayed for, and lastly we must put forth work.

The drill that you see on the left and below is one of the many things we do in the TRC development program that trains the eye. Yes, it is the eye that plays a critical role in the ability to catch and secure the football. We must train the eyes through repetition to be where we want when we want.

In the videos, notice the focus of the receiver's eyes. He attaches them to the ball from catch point to a firm tuck under the chest. This is "The Transition".

There is a ton of detail to observe in the

video that I will spare you the reading.

Train your eyes STARTING NOW!

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